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At Mera Medical Supplies, we understand the challenges healthcare professionals face on a daily basis.
We will help you customize and build a program for your business that will take all the stress out of the ordering process.

First class support for product knowledge and sales, at Mera Medical Supplies you will not speak to a customer service representative, you will speak directly to a sales professional with full knowledge of the product and specific to your account needs.

All sales professionals are fully trained on all the product lines we carry. We are accessible 24 hours a day through various communication platforms to fulfill your healthcare needs.


1) The ordering step is a simple and easy process to meet your custom needs. (Email, Fax, Or Phone).

2) We provide custom order forms with your most commonly ordered items to ease the process in ordering with no order minimums or additional fees.

3) Deliveries are done by our own driver service with no additional fees to the client.

4) All orders can be delivered within the same day, next day, or with a maximum delivery of 3 days or less.

Contact us today to set-up an appointment with one of our sales professionals. (905) 761-6866