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Mera Medical has been providing medical supplies to our plastic surgery facility for the past 12 years. They have been absolutely incredible! This company provides the highest quality products at the best prices. Everything is delivered very promptly and efficiently. Their team is particularly helpful when we need any new products. A member does all of the research for these products and this saves our nurses a great deal of time. Mera Medical has become a good and trusted friend to all of our nurses. They’re always very honest, positive and cheerful. We would give Mera Medical our highest possible recommendation.

WJP – A Toronto Plastic Surgeon from Rosedale Centre for Plastic Surgery Inc.

I am the operating room nurse manager at a private surgical facility. Mera Medical has been our primary supplier for the past 15 years. They have always delivered our orders accurately and promptly. All there inventory is competitively priced. This company’s service has always been courteous and efficient while paying particular attention to our specific needs. While being a great resource for our supplies, the employees have always prepared to search for items that may not be readily available. Mera Medical continues to be a supporter of ongoing education for nurses by providing sponsorships for meetings and conferences as well as items for silent auctions to aid in the development of education initiatives.

It is very apparent to me that Mera Medical and Danny are very committed to their customers.

Deborah Elias
Operating Room
Nurse Manager

We have ordered all of our medical supplies for our O.R. and office from Mera Medical for over 10 years for a reason. Every order is hand delivered by thier drivers; a personal touch we appreciate! Orders always arrive on time and if there is ever an item they don’t carry they will always special order or find us an alternative. I will always recommend Mera Medical to my colleagues as their customer service is top quality.

Dr. Trevor Born M.D.